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Advanced Technology

At Apogee, we continually upgrade our equipment to increase productivity, reduce lead times and maintain accuracy. As an example of this commitment, Apogee's Laser Division utilizes the advanced and very sophisticated Mitsubishi ML3015 LXP Laser - Model 3020D.
Other advanced equipment include:

Amada Pega CNC Turret Punch

  • 22 Tons
  • 22 Station Turret
  • 2 Auto Indexed Dies
  • Up To 1/4" Steel
Cincinnati 135 Ton NC Press
  • 0.001" Repeatablility
  • Accepts European Tools
  • Up To 1/4" Steel
To better serve our customers, we provide the following:
  • Design Services
  • CAD CAM Programming
  • Accept various drawing files including DXF via disk or e-mail

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